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    \mäm -ə-thän\ (noun): the 24/7 mommy marathon--on two feet or four wheels.

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My name is Chris Olson. I'm an editor/designer and mother of two—plus three dogs.


Name: Mom, Mother, You, Mommy, Chris

Family: Two kids, 3 dogs, and a husband.

Career: I am an editor/writer and illustrator/graphic designer. Before I had kids and switched to freelance work, I was an advertising copywriter and a book editor/designer. Before I settled down to a “real” job, I was a ski instructor, lifeguard, and even a French pastry chef.


• What is a momathon?

If I could write the definition for Webster’s, then I think it would say:
\mäm -ə-thän\ (noun) :
the 24/7 mommy marathon--on two feet or four wheels--that celebrates the dedication and achievement of moms.

• If you were a French pastry chef, why don’t you have a cookbook?

I'll be honest, I didn't run the show in this French bakery—I was his humble assistant. I got the job because I knew the basics and I was willing to work in a hot kitchen with a wall of ovens. I do have a fun pastry cookbook--one I wrote just for me. I have a packet of recipes I wrote down while slaving away in the bakery at the Minneapolis Sofitel Hotel. Unfortunately all the recipes are for feeding a gazillion people so I hardly ever use them.

•Do you have a favorite recipe?

Chocolate Profiteroles--a miniature cream puff with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top-is my favorite. I also love chocolate mousse. Shortly after I “retired,” a local paper asked the restaurant for the mousse recipe and the chef gave them the most complicated recipe with dozens of ingredients and even more steps. Seemed odd to me because the recipe I was told to use was very short and quite easy. Maybe that’s why it was one of my favorites.

• If you’d like to advertise on Momathon Blog, please send an email to:
chriscocomedia at mac dot com

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I would love to include your ad on the site, so just let me know if I can answer any more questions.

• Where do you live?

Too far from my family and friends in Minnesota. Close enough to fabulous skiing to keep me happy.

• Why don’t you share photos of your kids?

Because they are just old enough to think appearing in a mommy blog is lame.

• Have you ever illustrated a children’s book?

Not yet. So far my projects include logos, spot illustrations, and note cards. I’m working on developing clothing with my artwork. I’ll keep you posted.

• Do you have any favorite sayings?

“ Cherish your kids and be good to yourself.”