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  • I am delighted to have my images from this blog re-posted but please always credit MomathonBlog.com as the original source when re-posting to your blog, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other site. Please also credit with a link back to MomathonBlog.com. Please ask permission before re-posting exact text, instructions, recipes, or diy's from MomathonBlog.com. Thank you.

Archives: 2006-2008

  • Momathon Blog archives: 2006-2008
    I have been blogging for MomathonBlog.com since June 2006. Before I moved to Typepad I blogged at iWeb. You can find the posts from 2006-2008 at the link above.

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  • Great news!
    I was syndicated on BlogHer.com
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